Bridal Hair Inspiration

Bridal Hair Inspiration

After finding the perfect dress, you get to start thinking about how to accessorize your wedding dress for the big day. One of the bigger decisions you make is your hair: you want to find a style the reflects your personality and natural beauty while also highlighting your dress. To help you start thinking about what you want to look like on the day of, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite bridal hairstyles to inspire you!





The updo is a classic bridal look for a reason! A simple, chic updo goes with every neckline and dress style. One of the best things about this hairstyle is the way you can alter it to fit your unique look—brides with more simple, modern dresses can opt for a loose yet chic updo to match their dress like the bride on the left, or you could easily add a bit more sparkle to your look like the bride on the right with a fun comb. This look is versatile and always gorgeous!



Half up, Half down



If you want your hair out of your face but still want the look of having it down, a half-up, half-down style is perfect. We love the way this bride opted for glamorous, loose curls and a subtly pinned back look, but you could easily add your own flair to this look. Placing a few flowers in your hair would give you a more boho aesthetic, while adding a comb with vintage flair could give you a cool traditional look. Half-up half-down styles also work beautifully with veils, creating a perfect space to place your veil!



Braids or Ponytails



If you want your hair up but want something a bit more unique, a fun braid or formal ponytail could be perfect for you. Like an updo, this gets all of your hair up, but the look is a bit more unique. A boho style braid like the bride on the left can be perfect for dresses with simple necklines, while a ponytail like the bride on the right can add the perfect hint of regal beauty to your look. 


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