Difference Between a Tux vs. a Suit

Difference Between a Tux vs. a Suit

While we offer a gorgeous range of designer wedding dresses at The Bride Room, we also offer menswear for your wedding through Jim’s Formalwear Rentals, so that you and your groom find something perfect to wear for the wedding. One of the biggest decisions when choosing the groom’s wedding attire is between a suit vs. a tux, so it’s key to know their major differences. 



Some of the key differences between suits and tuxes lie in the small details. With a tuxedo, you’ll wear a cummerbund, bowtie, and suspenders, whereas suits typically have less formal accessories, including longer neckties and vests. The line between the two’s accessories has been becoming more blurred as men’s tuxedos become more modern and fashionable, but the basics remain the same.





Another main difference between tuxedos and suits is the use of satin—tuxedos have touches of satin, usually along the lapels, buttons, and a stripe running down the side of the pants. Suits are typically all made of the same material. The satin details give the tux additional formality, setting the two apart. 



With suits, you typically wear loafers, oxfords, or slip ons, depending on your personal preference. Tuxedos are typically paired with black patent leather shoes, although some men opt for difference shoes to be more fashionable.





The major reason people decide between tuxedos and suits is the level of formality. Suits can be worn almost anywhere, and are often seen at business meetings, on dates, and more, regardless of time of day. Tuxedos are reserved for formal, evening events, meaning one of the easiest deciding factors between suits vs. tuxedos for your wedding can be the level of formality you’re choosing for the event. 

If you’re torn between suits and tuxedos, book an appointment at The Bride Room and let us help you find the perfect menswear look for your wedding.