Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

Shopping for your dream wedding dress, and unsure which silhouettes you may want to try on? No worries! We know finding the silhouette that’s right for you can be tough, so we’re sharing examples of each of the most popular shapes and why you should choose them. 

Ball Gown

6A150 by Rosa Clara



The ball gown is an iconic shape, and is often the first silhouette that comes to mind when people think of wedding dresses. After all, some of the world’s most iconic bridal gowns have been ball gowns (looking at you, Princess Di). The ball gown is characterized by its full skirt, flaring from the natural waist into a full, rounded shape that instantly gives you a regal, feminine look that’s completely gorgeous. 


Mikayla by Lux and Love



Much like a ball gown, the A-line flares from the natural waist into a full skirt. The A-line skirt, however, is much more relaxed, creating more of a gentle slope than the ball gown. The A-line skirt’s gentle slant points upwards to your waist, slimming you. This shape is universally flattering, and one of the most popular silhouettes in bridal!


Tanya by Lux and Love



Unsure if you want a full skirt? The mermaid silhouette is more fitted, with the skirt not flaring until the knee. This creates an hourglass silhouette that works with your curves, highlighting your figure and making you effortlessly sultry. This shape is a bit more dramatic than the A-line or ball gown, and is perfect for high-fashion brides. 

 Fit and Flare

86382 by Lotus Threads



The fit and flare creates an hourglass much like the mermaid, but the skirt begins midway down the thigh instead, creating a more relaxed shape. This look is great for women who love the flattering effect of a mermaid, but want a slightly more laid-back shape for their wedding day. 

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