Our Story

Our Story

Despite opening its doors in 2017, The Bride Room had been in the making for a long time before then. Our incredible leader and owner Laurel altered hundreds of wedding gowns from her own home. She moved her business to the Old Draper School after her basement could not accommodate another dress. Construction workers and interior designers casually called our space the bride room while they worked on it. It stuck, so here we are!


Initially, we repurposed old gowns into something new for our brides by altering brides' gowns from all over the state. Throughout our journey into the bridal industry, we found designers we loved and slowly began carrying stock that perfectly represented our style and everything we stood for.


Laurel believes that brides deserve to be celebrated, and she’s designed every aspect of her store to celebrate brides and their stories. She’s designed wedding dresses since she was 17 years old, and she even made her own dress when she married her sweetheart, Chet, in 1990! 



It was always her dream to work in fashion, so she’s incredibly grateful to all of the people who’ve worked with her to make this dream a reality. Laurel loves to travel the world, finding the best designers and gowns to bring back to her wonderful brides. 







When Laurel isn’t at the Bride Room, you can find her in Florida visiting her grandbabies. Family is the most important thing to her! She has nine children, three beautiful daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. She loves the beach, reading autobiographies, and a Rocky Road Brownie from Village Baker.

Providing an elevated bridal experience is Utah Bride Room's goal. Our vintage boutique celebrates everything that makes you unique. In our environment, brides feel confident and beautiful as they find and say yes to the dress that expresses their authentic selves.

This is a life-changing moment that we can't wait to share with you! If you’re ready to work with our incredible team, book an appointment today!