Summer Wedding Decor Ideas

Summer Wedding Decor Ideas

Summer weddings can often be some of the most fun to plan—whether you’re opting for a destination wedding or not, you can play around with brighter colors and fun design choices to fit the light mood of the season. The weather gives you plenty of decor options to match the season, so we’re sharing some of our favorite summer wedding ideas with you to get you inspired for your own bright, fun summer wedding!

Go Tropical!



Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or not, summer is the perfect time to pick bold flowers—all the big, bright tropical flowers are in season, so it’s a perfect time to use them. If you only want a hint of color, adding a few bold flowers into your floral arrangements can be the perfect touch of color your wedding needs.



Set Up a Drink Station



While the warm weather of summer makes your wedding that much more enjoyable, it also means you’ll want to find a way to keep your guests hydrated. Use this as an opportunity for decor—a vintage-inspired lemonade stand or other fun drink station can add unique flair to your wedding while also serving a great purpose!



Embrace the Scenery



No matter where you’re getting married, summer weddings come with all the gorgeous bright greens of the season. Embrace the scenery and incorporate it into your decor! Having an outdoor wedding or even simply adding more greenery into your floral arrangements complements the season beautifully, making your wedding blend in with the season effortlessly.






One of the benefits of a summer wedding or reception is how comfortable it is outdoors—and the creative opportunities that provides! An idea we love that’s fun, light, and great for summer is having bubbles. Passing them out as favors immediately adds a unique decor touch, and if you have any children at your wedding they will love them. 

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