Things You Should Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Things You Should Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Recently engaged? First of all—congratulations! As you begin planning your wedding, you’re going to start realizing just how much goes into a wedding. Every detail has to be planned, so making our end of it—helping you find your dream wedding dress—go as smoothly as possible is highly important to us. While we prepare as much as possible for your appointment, there’s a few things we think every bride should know before her first bridal appointment. 


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Have a Budget


Before you come to the shop, you should sit down and set your budget. Before your appointment, your stylist will ask about budget—this way, you don’t have to discuss it during your appointment, and your stylist will only pull dresses she knows you can afford. Knowing your budget prevents you from trying on a dress, falling in love, then getting sticker shock from the price and having to choose another dress. 

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Bring Dress Inspiration


While plenty of brides come into their appointments with no idea what they’re looking for, we think it’s great to take a look at a few dresses and get some inspiration. You can check out Pinterest, wedding magazines, and even your bridal boutique’s website to get an idea of what’s available. You may find yourself drawn to certain silhouettes and styles, and it’s great to let your stylist know that when you get to your appointment so she can pull dresses she thinks you’ll like. While it’s important to bring an idea of dresses you like, remember to keep an open mind! You may be pleasantly surprised by something your stylist suggests that you never would have chosen for yourself. 

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Consider Your Guests


When planning your appointment, you’re likely thinking of bringing a few guests for a second opinion. We encourage you to bring a few trusted friends and loved ones so that you’re confident in your choice, but we also recommend keeping the group somewhat small: a group of 3-4 is perfect, giving you a second opinion without drowning out your own. While bringing all of your bridesmaids and every family member you can sounds fun, hearing that many opinions may distract you. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and your dress—so yours is the opinion that matters most. 

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