Finding your dream dress is like finding your person: it's magic and can happen when you least expect it!
At The Bride Room, brides find their dream dress during their first appointment all the time!

Come ready to celebrate and make sure you bring the people you need with you to say "yes" to the dress! 


While trying on dresses, you'll work with an expert stylist who will guide, coach and empower you to find and say "yes" to your perfect dress! There will be a space dedicated to you and your guests -

all in our comfortable, elegant and inviting bridal boutique!


At The Bride Room, every bride that walks through our doors deserves an intimate and special experience! 

The magic of it all is that this experience is unique to each bride and we want to help you have the best time!

We are so excited to provide 2 different types of appointments that you can book at our store!


The first option is to book a Regular Bridal Appointment. 

This appointment is scheduled during our regular business hours. 

Our space comfortably allows up to 4 guests to join you. You are paired with an incredible stylist to guide you along your dress shopping journey. At the end, we love to celebrate YOU!

This appointment's celebration includes the sweetest confetti pop, a candy bar for you and your guests to enjoy, and some beautiful photo-op areas for you to memorialize your day spent with us!


Book Your Appointment


The second option is to book an After Hours Bridal Appointment. 

This appointment is scheduled Monday - Thursday, after hours! This allows us to close our store to the public and keep it privately open for you and your invited guests! 

Our space will then comfortably allow as many guests as you want,

giving the opportunity for this appointment to be a PARTY! 

You are paired with 2 amazing stylists! One to stay by your side and the other to take care of your group! 

We love any chance we get to make bridal appointments as special and personalized as possible,

so we offer 3 different packages with this After Hours appointment! 

Each package offers something very special and is a great way to make finding your dress an event to remember! 

Because each package is different, it's best to give us a call to get more information! 

In order to book this appointment, you must select a package and pay a deposit. 

Please call us at 801-809-5085 to book your appointment now! 


We are so excited for you to come in!

Magic happens here and we cannot wait for you to become a Bride Room Bride! 


Call (801) 809‑5085 to inquire.